The full sense of the summer enjoy the male hormone

To enhance the sense of style rich collocation is indispensable, especially the level of accessories watch, not only is the accessory post, also has its essence emphasizes the function of time, the importance of self-evident. Especially in the male body, scorching summer, wrist decoration is to enhance the quality of the highlights, the sense of presence is essential. This season, no hand sleeves can easily show the charm of the wrist, with the male hormone. Ceragold series of OMEGA Ocean Series The full sense of the summer enjoy the appreciation of the male hormone watches first OMEGA Ceragold series marine Chronograph hippocampus universe with a large size of 45.50 mm 18K red gold watchcase. The Ceragold table is a table of this extraordinary circle is the most eye-catching appearance, black polished zirconia based ceramics with 18K gold scale diving a stark visual contrast. The same thing is this watch is equipped with OMEGA 9301 coaxial movement. Released in 2011 of this caliber is OMEGA produced the first coaxial movement family chronograph movement. replica rolex watches Deepsea series The full sense of the summer enjoy the appreciation of the male hormone watches second If the "lost" is fake rolex watches's Changle Road diving weapons, that Deepsea is called completely "sea monster". Rolex in the field of cutting-edge waterproofing technology has always been the authority, in addition to water depth of people below the glasses, Deepsea and some other disruptive technology innovation also allows diving enthusiasts to stop. RinglockSystem case structure can ensure that the watch in thousands of meters deep sea environment under great pressure. This watch has been gracing the altar table production diving table, now still is a model professional diving timepiece for exploration. Such a small device, can withstand the pressure of thousands of meters of sea water, which is amazing advantage, while it maintains the Rolex compression resistance and precision characteristics. The pilot, "the little prince" calendar watch special edition The full sense of the summer enjoy the appreciation of the male hormone watches third The pilots chronograph watch "the little prince" special edition in replica watches uk addition with a unique deep blue dial, Gai metal bottom watch on the table at the end of the little prince engraved portraits and other characteristics follow IWC pilot series of classic traditional cockpit design, set accuracy, reliability and performance in one, fully demonstrate excellence the performance of the pilot. Compared with the early section of the table, with a large table million for 43 mm case, waterproof up to 60 meters depth. The clock at the 3 o'clock position on the dial is very similar to the cockpit model and the Grohe three. This is the three watches are brand star series products, the degree of concern is higher than that in other common series, fitted to the wrist, walk waved moment, presence can suddenly bursting. To the shape of the dress collocation is slightly, this season play drive time show infinite charm men easily in summer!